Lung Cancer Treatment

Treatments for lung cancer include:


CyberKnife for lung cancer treatment

CyberKnife therapy is a type of radiation that uses 3D, real-time image guidance to locate the tumor and to correct for breathing and movement during treatment. The CyberKnife treatment causes the least amount of damage to healthy tissue. Learn about CyberKnife Therapy

Anova Cancer Care offers only CyberKnife radiosurgery treatments for early non-small cell lung cancers (stage 1 or 2a) as an alternative to surgery.

Other types of machines can be used to deliver radiosurgery treatments, but these machines do not do it autonomously or with continuous image-guided tracking. Without this capability, patients may be required to hold their breath and to wear an abdomen restricting brace to limit movement of the lungs during treatment.

Regardless of breath holding or restricting techniques there will be movement during radiation treatment that can cause harm to the healthy tissue surrounding the tumor.

CyberKnife eliminates the need for restricting patient movement, offering a much more comfortable treatment experience. Patients treated with the CyberKnife for early lung cancer have practically no damage to their healthy lung tissue.

Other lung cancer treatment options

Traditional surgery, chemotherapy and radiation can also be used alone (either alone or together) for the treatment of lung cancer.

Surgery is effective in removing most stage 1 and 2 non-small cell lung cancer.  Radiation and chemotherapy are then sometimes used to help prevent the cancer from returning.

For non-small cell lung cancer that is stage 3 or 4 and for small cell lung cancer, surgery and CyberKnife radiosurgery are most likely not an option. In these cases, traditional radiation alone, or in tandem with chemotherapy, or chemotherapy alone provides patients with the best results.

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